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Mccain's Real Gaffe

Remember when John McCain, on a recent trip to the Middle East, said that Shiite Iran was supporting Al Qaeda? And remember when Joe Lieberman whispered a correction into his ear? Well, according to The Weekly Standard, McCain has more to apologize for: 

McCain was right and shouldn't have taken Lieberman's cue; there is a long trail of evidence pointing to Iranian cooperation with al Qaeda. And this evidence has been documented by the very same media that have indicted McCain for pointing out the connection. On April 11, 2007, for example, the Washington Post reported on a briefing delivered by General William Caldwell in which the general said, "We have, in fact, found some cases recently where Iranian intelligence services have provided to some Sunni insurgent groups some support."

Of course, the Post piece in question does not mention Al Qaeda even once. Still, we expect no less from The Weekly Standard.

Update: See Jason for more along these same lines. 

--Isaac Chotiner