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Where Clinton Mythology Lives

In their piece yesterday about how the Democratic contest is essentially over even if the media won't acknowledge it, John Harris and Jim VandeHei make the following point:

The media are also enamored of the almost mystical ability of the Clintons to work their way out of tight jams, as they have done for 16 years at the national level. That explains why some reporters are inclined to believe the Clinton campaign when it talks about how she’s going to win on the third ballot at the Democratic National Convention in August.

There's probably something to this. But the place where you find even more--actually much more--Clinton mythologizing is on the right. About a week ago I had a conversation with a pretty sophisticated GOP strategist who expressed confidence Hillary would be the nominee. "I do think Hillary's going to get it," he told me. He continued:

I think Hillary will be a well-oiled machine. I was talking to [a conservative commentator] the other day--he's followed them longer than me. He makes the point that the Clinton machine is unbeaten. It doesn’t lose. They're showing that, at the end of the day, they're a damn good team. We'll need to be ready for the fall. Any underestimation of that is a huge mistake.

--Noam Scheiber