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His Cheating Heart

Even as I marvel at the idiocy of public officials who get caught in sex-related scandals, I often feel a certain amount of pity/understanding, especially when the charges involve lying ala Bill Clinton or Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. I mean, if you're a married guy screwing around, you're already lying to your wife, to your kids, and even to yourself about what kind of man you are. With all that on the line, I can see how many guys would risk lying to investigators rather than have their elaborately constructed house of cards come crashing down.

But then I read something like this bit from today's USAToday piece on Kilpatrick (emphasis mine):

Kilpatrick went on television with his wife in late January and apologized for his conduct, he insists there was no cover-up and has blamed the news media for most of his problems. He accused the Free Press of illegally obtaining the text messages — which the newspaper denies — and accusing the media of conducting a public lynching. He said the text messages and the settlement agreement that concealed them should never have been made public.

He also said the text messages were private even though he signed a policy directive in June 2000 advising city employees that all electronic communications should be considered public.

So far, Kilpatrick has refused to step down, saying he is on a divinely inspired mission to help rebuild the city.

And I think, This guy really is both too arrogant and too stupid to hold office.

--Michelle Cottle