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A Brave Liberal And Libyan Muslim Intellectual Takes On The Reform Project Of The Archbishop Of Canterbury

I thought of the Archbishop of Canterbury again two weeks ago when I read in the Boston Globe that the Episcopal Theological Seminary in Cambrdige was going to divvy up its small tract of Cambridge land and its physical facilities thereon with Lesley University, yet another of those ancillary places that help you in "fulfilling a greater purpose for your life and bringing about great change in the world." 

It occurred to me that E.T.S., like (also Episcopal) Andover Theological Seminary that divvied up its land with Hebrew College, would not have come to this turn had it kept to the church of its ancestors and not run after strange gods.  This Libyan intellectual who analyzed the archbishop's proposal also formulates what the consequences for Muslims would be and for Christians in Great Britain, as well.

There is a shortage of big mosques in Britain. Perhaps the Canterbury archbishop and his dean at the enormous cathedral will want to share its grandeur with the Muslims.

In any case, here, courtesy of MEMRI, is Muhammed Al-Houni's devastating critique of Dr. Rowan Williams.