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Apropos Monica

Apropos Michael Crowley's post today on The Stump about Monica being
invisible, I always thought that she had more self-respect than Bill
Clinton and certainly more respect for the public good than he had,
too. It is not far from a decade since her little story -- or, rather, his
sordid story -- leaked out and took over his presidency. If he had any
decency, he would have disappeared, like Monica did, into a private
life. But he knows nothing of a private life. My guess is that he
couldn't live one. And neither could Hillary.

This is another reason to be for Obama: to force Bill and Hillary to spend
some of their adult lives, actually the rest of their adult lives, in
obscurity. Because after her defeat (which will also be his defeat) no
will come to their so-called charitable events and no one will care what
they think about this or that. Not even Denise Rich or the billionaires on
whose credit he has supped.