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The Walter Mitty Candidate, Ctd.

Hillary Clinton's not-as-dangerous-as-advertised trip to Bosnia twelve years ago, discussed here and elsewhere last week, has hit the big-time, and I expect the damage will be considerable: It's easy to understand, there's compelling video (catnip for TV producers), and it undermines her central pitch that her first-lady experience makes her a suitable commander-in-chief. After a bad couple of weeks for Barack Obama this, along with the Richardson endorsement, could make for a bad stretch for Clinton.

That said, I think the snarky tone of this CBS segment (via Andrew) is pretty much over-the-line for a network news broadcast. It's not inconceivable that coverage like this--and another round of macho fulminating by Chris Matthews et al.--could provoke a backlash:


--Christopher Orr