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Clinton Ahead In Some Counts

The Clinton campaign has been mocked for it's continuing attempt to find new metrics in which Clinton actually leads Obama. So, predictably, Evan Bayh's discovery that Clinton was ahead in electoral votes from states won drew widespread scorn. Someone at DailyKos, however, has found other ways in which Clinton leads. Some excerpts:

Total number of Commonwealths

CLINTON: 1 (Massachusetts)

OBAMA: 1 (Virginia)

Here the race is neck and neck, but Clinton is expected to take Pennsylvania.  As there are only four commonwealths total, it is virtually impossible for Obama to beat Clinton on the Commonwealth count.  If Clinton beats Obama in Kentucky, his claim that he has won more states will be canceled out by her claim that she has won more Commonwealths.

Average Highest Elevation

CLINTON: 6135 Feet

OBAMA:  6097 Feet

Frankly, I’m surprised that more attention hasn’t been drawn to this.  Obama claims to want to elevate the level of discourse, but he has failed in states with the highest elevations.  Clinton has won on Mount Whitney (California), Humphreys Peak (Arizona), Boundary Peak (Nevada), and Wheeler Peak (New Mexico). Perhaps more significantly, there are so few peaks left that despite the close margins, Obama has no hope of regaining the altitude vote.  Clinton also leads among states with the highest average mean elevation: (Clinton:  1908.8 feet    Obama:  1457.7 feet).

--Isaac Chotiner