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Hysteria Abounds

Maybe you've read my defense of Barack Obama, my defense of him against his paranoid critics who seem to think that he doesn't believe anything he has said himself but believes everything said by everybody who's a bit nutsy he has met in his life. Maybe you haven't read my piece, in which case I suggest you should.

Not exactly to see what I'm thinking about Obama. But to see how hysterical people have become during this campaign. At this moments there are 120 comments posted, maybe half of them critical. And some of them have hit me in the groin. No fair!

I am endangering the security of America and the domestic peace of America. I am endangering the existence of Israel. I am a self-hating Jew.

Believe me, I do not endanger America or Israel, and I do not "self-hate" anything.

Least of all do I self-hate the Jewish people. I am, as always, a non-practicing traditional Jew.