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Hillary Map Vs. Obama Map

NBC's Chuck Todd:

I would argue the Wright story turned off enough older white voters so that Obama can no longer argue that when compared with Clinton he will expand the electoral map in a general election with McCain.

Now he can simply say he will use a different map; a map that ultimately might expand for the party as a whole, even if his path to 270 is no less narrow a victory than Clinton's. It is just different.

Obama will rely on greater strength west of the Mississippi, while Clinton will use the same Gore-Kerry map. She will simply promise that she will carry Ohio or Florida.

Indeed, lately I've heard a couple of indications that Republicans--who not long ago clearly preferred to face Clinton in a general election--may be more confident of their ability to tackle Obama. One other non-insignificant reason is the early indication that Hillary will carry Arkansas back into the Democratic column in November. (That said, the current RCP averages show both Obama and Hillary trailing McCain in Florida. Obama is well behind in Ohio, but Hillary is only tied with McCain there.)

--Michael Crowley