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Michelle And Teresa: Double Trouble?

At a "Stand for Change" rally at Carnegie Mellon University tomorrow, Michelle Obama will be joined by "special guest" Teresa Heinz Kerry. It is, according to the campaign, Michelle's "first visit of the Pennsylvania primary season to Pittsburgh" and Teresa's first appearance on behalf of Obama.

I can't decide if this is a fine idea or a horrible one. For all her charms, the oh-so-colorful Teresa was a problematic figure for her husband's campaign: rich, elite, mouthy, irreverent, and at times confrontational. (Countless candidates' wives have fantasized about telling a reporter to "Shove it!" but Teresa may be the only one to live the dream.) Michelle, of course, has drawn fire herself for being too outspoken on the trail. So does her appearing with Teresa make Michelle look mild-mannered by comparison--or does it remind people of the downsides of an unpredictable spouse?

Let's just hope the gals don't get competitive about who's man has poorer hygiene or more annoying nighttime habits. (Show of hands, ladies: snoring vs. Vietnam flashbacks!)

--Michelle Cottle