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Another Superdelegate For Obama

Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal endorsed Obama today, despite being appointed U.S. attorney by President Clinton and having a daughter named Hillary. (Not sure if that's good enough to qualify him as a Judas.) I believe this knots up the race for Democratic gubernatorial endorsements at ten apiece. I flipped through the Almanac of American Politics to find some interesting trivia tidbit about Freudenthal to post here, but he sounds like a pretty boring guy. There is this, though:

State Republican Chairman Drake Hill funded a negative radio ad that portrayed the governor as living a lavish lifestyle and using a state-financed "party plane". The plane, which Freudenthal never traveled on, was actually used by the state to conduct aerial surveying work, and the issue reinforced Freudenthal's attempt to portray himself as above partisan politics.

Nice oppo research! Nothing says a good time quite like aerial surveying.

--Josh Patashnik