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Dishonest Is As Dishonest Does

The McCain campaign is punching back against Obama's use of McCain's 100 years comment. From Time's Michael Scherer:

After weeks of dismissing these statements, McCain's advisors went on the attack this week, hoping to turn the episode into an opening to impugn Obama's credibility. "It's absolutely dishonest," Schmidt said, an adjective he repeatedly invoked. "It's old style Chicago politics. I guess that is how they play politics in Chicago," he said at another point. He even offered some faint praise, before sticking in the knife. "Sen. Obama has done the country a great service in this 100 year comment," Schmidt said, "because now the American people have the information they need to know that he is being dishonest."

Twisting someone's comments about Iraq out of context? Somewhere, Mitt Romney is smiling.

--Jason Zengerle