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The Richardson Follies

Bill Richardson ran for president. He was nice to Hillary. Maybe he was angling for veep? Then in Iowa he threw his non-viables to Obama. The Clintonites raged about betrayal. Then he watched the Super Bowl with the other Bill and all was well. Then he was "genuinely torn" about who to endorse but didn't like a phone call he got from a Clintonite. Then he endorsed Obama. Then Carville called him Judas. Then he called Carville a character assassin. Then they said he'd promised not to endorse Obama. Then he denied that. Then he said Hillary said Obama can't win. Then Hillary's people said he said Obama isn't ready. Then he denied it. Then she seemed to deny saying what she supposedly said. Then her people said she didn't deny saying that but won't say if she did say it.

--Michael Crowley