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Romney For President! But Not For Vp!

Jonathan Martin reports on an interesting development in the McCain veep search:

A group of social conservatives has launched an effort to keep Mitt Romney off John McCain's ticket.

Under the rubric of an obscure PAC called Government Is Not God, a coalition of longtime Romney opponents and past supporters of Mike Huckabee have created a website and are buying print ads that resurrect the former Massachusetts governor's past abortion and gay rights stances.

Also, Paul Weyrich seems to be a little confused:

The group does, though, include one high-profile Romney backer. Veteran movement conservative leader Paul Weyrich endorsed Romney in the heat of the primary before throwing his support to Huckabee after Mitt got out.

I guess this is a testament to just how tepid movement conservative support for Romney was: Despite being the favored candidate in the presidential field, he would be such an objectionable choice as vice president that it's worth spending time and money on ads specifically demanding that he not be selected.

--Josh Patashnik