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Mccain's Brain, Too?

A source for Marc Ambinder who saw Karl Rove speak at the University of Pennsylvania on February 20 thinks John McCain's recent biographical tour looks awfully familiar. Asked back then how McCain should conduct his campaign, Turd Blossom suggested:

"He should take a biographical tour to the places in the country that have made him who he is. Go to the Naval Academy and talk about the values he learned there. Then he should go to Pensalcola, Florida and Corpus Christi, Texas where he was trained as a naval aviator, and talk from the heart and the call to service. Go to Meridien, Mississippi and Jacksonville, Florida and talk about what he learned about leadership commanding the largest naval air squadron in the United States. He should go to wherever it was that he first stepped foot back in the United States after the Vietnam War and meet with his POW buddies and talk about what he learned about character when he sat in that cell in hell. And he should give a speech in Sedona, Arizona and talk about the people and places in his hometown that affected him."...

When the moderator told Rove that McCain should call him for advice, Rove replied: "Who says he hasn't?"

--Christopher Orr