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Newsflash! Rudy Loves Hillary!

I thought this primary was getting so interminable that the mind of Democrat on the planet would be just completely populated by the primary's characters right now, but not so. Over the weekend, a friend who's a Washington State Democratic Convention delegate texted me from Saturday's "legislative district caucuses," one of these events where the campaigns wrangle over delegates post-real-caucus. "Wow," she wrote.

 I'm at the caucus and Rudy is giving us a speech on why to vote for Hillary. no lie.

Rudy is a Hillary surrogate?! I emailed frantically for details, started calling the Clinton campaign to confirm, etc. But it turned out my friend meant "Rudy", a.k.a. Samwise Gamgee, a.k.a. the actor Sean Astin. And was surprised I thought otherwise.

Below, a video of Astin at one of the legislative caucuses this weekend. It's still a bit of a weird thing, that he trooped around the legislative caucuses all Saturday (apparently the Obama and Kucinich surrogates were just locals), and how much props he gives Obama.

--Eve Fairbanks