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On Penn And Politics

You have an insight into what another Clinton administration would be like
just by watching what this Clinton campaign has been.

For all the fanaticism in the campaign about loyalty to the top Clinton
-- now Hillary -- the chief strategist, Mark Penn, couldn't quite leave his day
job to devote full-time to her race for the presidency.

These folks who are lobbyists and p.r. operatives for businesses and
foreign governments but also do political work here at home are
structurally schizophrenic. It is one reason why they are loyal only to
themselves. With Hillary now trying desperately to persuade the voters of
Pennsylvania and Indiana that she is anti-NAFTA (and always was) Penn
playing the other side of the street big-time was a threat to the
authenticity of her position.

So Penn is now effectively out of the Clinton campaign regardless of the
pretense that he'll still be in with his polling. His company has also
been dismissed by its pro-NAFTA client, the government of Colombia. Nevertheless, I can't help but view, with despair, that it was Penn's work on a free trade pact (good) with a democratic ally squaring off against the monstrous Hugo Chavez (also good) that so angered Democrats.