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Richard Falk, Conspiracy Theorist

Yes, let me assure you, this hater of Israel is a Jew. And, also yes, this hater of America is an American. They are one and the same individual. So Wikipedia begins its narrative with the simple characterization, "Jewish American." No one will claim him, perhaps not even his mother. But that I don't know. Maybe she was lucky and didn't live to see her wunderkind in his infamy.

He is Richard Falk, Albert Milbank professor or international law and practice (thank God, now emeritus) at Princeton University. I actually just heard him on a radio recording proposing that the human calamity of 9/11 was not an Al Queda act but something like an act of the American military and intelligence network. If you don't believe this, he said, you are in "denial." And here I have been thinking all along that 9/11 was a Mossad product.  The Israelis must be getting rusty. You can read about this more in the scoop belonging to Eli Lake, the terrific New York Sun reporter. 

After a stint as a visiting professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Falk has now got a job perfectly fitting his prejudices. The United Nations Human Rights Council, the ostensibly reformed successor of the U.N. Human Rights Commission, has been given a six-year appointment as its special investigator into Israeli actions in the "Palestinian territories." I do not know what he has to investigate. His opinions are quite clear: he has already on several occasions compared Israeli behavior in the West Bank and Gaza to Nazi behavior in occupied Europe. His predecessor, John Dugard, held similar beliefs.

As some of you already know, I believe that the U.N. is a fraud, that it is an obstacle to peace in so many places in the world and that in many of the situations in which it is inserted or inserts itself it is one of the causes of the continuation of conflict and war. Certainly that is the case in historic Palestine where its agencies are partisans of whatever Arabs seem to be on top. Now, this means Hamas.

In any case, Israel has indicated that it won't permit Richard Falk to enter its sovereign territory or cross its territory, for that matter. I suppose the only way he could then get in would be on the law of the return. Ho, ho, ho.

It is about time that Israel close its doors to its other dishonest ill-wishers, after Falk, maybe Jimmy Carter and Bishop Tutu.