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Are The Israelis Out Of Their F...... Minds?

Nahal Oz is the kibbutz transfer point for gas on Israel's frontier with Gaza. It is where last Wednesday Palestinian terrorists killed two civilians and wounded four others, an extension of the random rocketry that is regularly dispatched from the Strip into Israel.

Israel has retaliated and killed eight Palestinians by tank and gun fire and airstrikes, according to an article by Isabel Kershner in the New York Times and also pieces in the Jerusalem Post and Ha'aretz.

Immediately after the Wednesday intrusion, Israel shut down the fuel deliveries.

But, in the meantime, both Hebrew newspapers reported that Hamas had long been siphoning off for its own purposes, murderous purposes, half of the delivered gas supply.  It was on the morning after this news came out that Israel let it be known that the cut-off will end and the deliveries will resume after the week-end.

And it is that fact that led me to ask: "Are the Israelis out of their f...... minds?"