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John Mccain's Belittled, Fawning Sidekick

I don't think either Obama or Hillary has a trusty sidekick of the kind John McCain has in Senator Lindsey Graham. In the past, Graham's overwhelming devotion has seemed rather sweet to me. But it -- and McCain's public reaction to it -- is just getting bizarre of late. There was this Politico story last week:

If anyone else called him “little jerk,” Sen. Lindsey Graham might be offended. But the jab comes from Sen. John McCain, so he wears it like a badge of honor. 

And then this from McCain himself, today at the AP's annual meeting:

There have been days on the back of the bus when I couldn't help but notice the relief that spread among reporters when, after hours had passed, our conversation ... [turned to] the amusing eating and sleeping habits of my friend, Lindsey Graham. For those of you interested in what those habits might entail, Liz Sidoti, Libby Quaid and Dave Espo can fill you in.

However strong they might have been, Graham's chances to make the VP slot look weaker to me as he takes on the role of McCain's dumpy, ridiculed Sancho Panza. 

--Eve Fairbanks