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How You Overplay Pocket Aces

Here's video of Hillary pressing the elitist case today at a Steelworkers forum in Pittsburgh:

It's pretty quiet during her shots at Obama. Ben Smith says he heard groans. I couldn't make them out myself, but I do think she's really over-reaching.

This was unquestionably a serious stumble on Obama's part. But the high-percentage move would have been to get out of the way and let the media run with it. If this were going to do Obama in, it would have done so without her help. Instead, she's thrown Obama a lifeline. She's made herself look completely cynical, she's once again reminded superdelegates of everything they hated about the Clinton era, and she's started making claims about her own cultural authenticity that don't pass the smell test. As I said yesterday, the David Shuster "Hardball" segment really writes itself...

Update: Ah, here's the groaning. Thanks to commenter Gully.

--Noam Scheiber