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Airing Chinese Laundry

Banking off the sobering theme of Josh's earlier post, here's some more information on environmentalism in today's China. A pair of environmentally enthused young residents--John, a US Fulbrighter with a degree in engineering, and Zhao, a Chinese national with ties to the coal mining industries in northern China--have taken it upon themselves to become citizen reporters covering "China's Green Beat."

They're taking it slow on their site, doing monthly, explainer-style documentary pieces on wind power, biomass engineering, and solar water heaters (?!) in China. They clearly know their stuff, and Zhao's favored Ghostbusters tee has a charming effect. Here's their first effort, on the problem of waste in Chinese cities. 


(Note: I have been having trouble with their video player; at first I thought it was the Chinese thought police cracking down on the so-called "Green Brothers," but maybe it's just a tech glitch.)

Anyway, it's a great site. Check back frequently for their updates, and I'll try to kep posting video when possible. 

--Dayo Olopade