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Too Cool For School

You can imagine what kind of learning goes on in the universities in Gaza. Well, for a few days, at least, these institutions have called off classes. The reason? Students can't get to class. And the reason for that? There is no gasoline to fuel their cars. And the reason for that? The Israelis have cut off fuel from Gaza. So why is that? Because Palestinian terrorists killed two civilians (and wounded four others) at the gas depot at the Israeli frontier with the Strip. Don't worry, though: Israel will resume the supply of fuel on Wednesday and learning in the arts and sciences will also resume.

Now, classes at the Islamic University of Hebron have also been cancelled. It has nothing to do with the supply of fuel. It is a direct result of a war on the campus. Not, God forbid, a fight between the Israeli army and the students. But clashes between Hamas and Fatah loyalists. Since these encounters at the barricades are not likely to stop soon learning won't resume soon either. If you can call what transpired at the university learning at all.