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Jimmy Carter's Palestinian Friends: One Dead, One Alive


According to the Associated press, the former president was welcomed in Ramallah by one Hamas official, Nasser al-Shaer. Jimmy Carter executed the two kiss ritual, one on each cheek. This is not lust in the heart. This is mischief in the brain, as only Carter can do mischief.

He then paid a visit to and laid a wreath on the tombstone of Yassir Arafat, the person most responsible for his people not having a state. With this act Carter breathed a certain kind of spooky life into this terrorist's corpse which until today is the most potent symbol of Palestinian rejectionism around.

In the midst of all this kissing and bowing, Carter did an interview with David Landau, the editor of Ha'aretz. You won't learn much except that Carter doesn't get it. Which the American people learned decades ago.