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Department Of Lipstick And Pigs

From the Los Angeles Times:

Led in part by former Gov. Pete Wilson and two major political donors from Orange County, a group of moderate [California] Republicans will announce Wednesday a new organization focused on recruiting the "next generation" of GOP candidates for statewide office, including governor and the U.S. Senate. ...

Underlying the campaign effort is the feeling among some influential Republicans that the state party has bent too far to the right, helping Democrats gain a firm grasp on the Legislature, the state's congressional delegation and statewide offices.

I wish Wilson luck--among other things, I got his autograph when I was in sixth grade and he seemed like a nice guy. And one-party rule isn't healthy anywhere. But the path back to power for California Republicans is right in front of their noses and they've decided they'd rather just keep losing, so the prospects for this new group are pretty bleak.

--Josh Patashnik