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Apres Scaife, Le Deluge

Pittsburgh's larger, more-profitable, not-owned-by-a-right-wing-lunatic newspaper, the Post-Gazette, endorses Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania primary:

This editorial began by observing that one candidate is of the past and one of the future. The litany of criticisms heaped on Sen. Obama by the Clinton camp, simultaneously doing the work of the Republicans, is as illustrative as anything of which one is which. These are the cynical responses of the old politics to the new....

Pennsylvania -- this encrusted, change-averse commonwealth where a state liquor monopoly holds on against all reason and where municipal fiefdoms shrink from sensible consolidation -- needs to take a strong look at the new face and the new hope in this race. Because political business-as-usual is more likely to bring the usual disappointment for the Democrats this fall, the Post-Gazette endorses the nomination of Barack Obama, who has brought an excitement and an electricity to American politics not seen since the days of John F. Kennedy.

Meanwhile, Richard Mellon Scaife's Tribune-Review, the vanity press so assiduously courted by Clinton, doesn't seem to have endorsed yet, though its stream of Obama attacks seems to leave little doubt regarding its (i.e., his) preference. 

--Christopher Orr