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How Jimmy Carter Could Cost The Democrats Florida

Democrats who want Hillary Clinton to be the nominee and Democrats who want Barack Obama to get the nod both have trepidations about the August convention in Denver. My own sense is that there has been more blood shed before other Democratic conventions, like in 1948 and 1960 and that the ultimate presidential candidate did not suffer as a result. Of course, no primary season has witnessed such feigned outrage between the candidates and among their followers. What sin has Obama committed by saying that those left out of the prosperity, now more than ever, were "bitter" about being left behind during the Clinton and Bush administrations?<

Maybe there will be floor fights, not only on the nominee but also on the platform. So what? If there's a floor fight on the platform, the result might actually be meaningful

But there is one shame the party can avoid. It is not to let Jimmy Carter speak. Yes, he is a former president. But not a former president of whom the party is proud or has any reason to be proud.

And if the Democrats want to win Florida in November they should try to keep himPlains or send him on another voyage to Darfur where his syrupy cynicism is also well-understood.