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It's (almost) Unanimous: Gibson & Steph Were Awful!

David Brooks gave Charlie Gibson and George Stephanoupolos an "A" for their performance last night. But his seems to be a minority view. Here's what everybody else is saying:

Sam Boyd, The American Prospect

Will Bunch, Phladelphia Daily News 

Michael Grunwald, Time

Reed Hundt, TPM Cafe

Ezra Klein, The American Prospect

Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo

Greg Mitchell, Editor and Publisher

Tom Shales, Washington Post

Niall Stanage, The Guardian

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, The Nation

As I said in my first posting on this last night, I honestly expected better. The previous ABC debates were far more focussed on policy and legitimate character questions. And Stephanopoulos, in particular, has proven himself a good journalist, running a far more substantive--and revealing--Sunday show than Tim Russert.

Maybe ABC handed out stupid pills before the show?

--Jonathan Cohn