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Jackie Chan Hates America

Ain't It Cool News interviews the Forbidden Kingdom star:

I really don’t know what the American audience is thinking, just like when I finished Rush Hour 1, I thought “Oh my career is finished… the movie is terrible. I don’t know the culture or what they are going to say, like ‘the action is horrible’,” and it was actually a big success in America. Then came Rush Hour 2, Shanghai Noon, and Shanghai Knights, and I still don’t understand, you know? …. In Asia [Rush Hour] was a flop. Nobody understand what Chris Tucker was saying. Nobody know the American humor. They don’t like Jackie Chan action, because the action compared to my old action is terrible, but in America (it was) a big success…. Every time I come to America and do a big American film, then I would predict, “OK this movie would never be a success in Asia, but only for the American market…”

--Christopher Orr