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Mccain Subtly Reminds Voters That He Was A Pow

John McCain's interview this morning on ABC's This Week was an all-around joke. Much of the show consisted of McCain getting angry or peeved, presumably because the questions he was forced to "answer" revealed his lack of even the barest domestic policy expertise. This exchange, however, was particularly egregious:

STEPHANOPOULOS: What’s wrong with government — what’s wrong
with government-run health care?

MCCAIN: And we continue to have these debates — what’s wrong
with it? Go to Canada. Go to England and you can find out what’s
wrong with it. Governments don’t make the right decisions. Families
make the right decisions.

STEPHANOPOULOS: One of the points Mrs. Edwards made in the Wall
Street Journal, she said that your whole life, you had government
health care. You were the son of a Naval officer, a Naval officer,
now a member of Congress. And her point is, why shouldn’t every
American be able to get the kind of health care that members of
Congress get or members of the military get?

MCCAIN: It’s a cheap shot, but I did have a period of time where
I didn’t have very good government health care. I had it from another


--Isaac Chotiner