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Quote Of The Day

"She is going to the convention. There is no reason for her to get out."

--A "devoted Clinton fund-raiser" to the New York Daily News.

Just in case you'd been getting the sense that the Hillary camp was starting to fold. 

P.S. To elaborate on Noam's recent post about PA expectations: Don't forget that two weeks ago Mark Halperin said Hillary had to win PA by 10.5 points "or the media will say she didn’t beat expectations (and her Ohio margin)." Maybe. But I still wouldn't discount the binary way primaries play in television coverage. The TV networks  haven't been terribly nuanced in explaining wins in terms of expectations--think back to the coverage of March 5, and I think Hillary's going to get a pretty good bounce. Which is different than saying PA is going to save her, which still seems to me unlikely.

--Michael Crowley