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Obama's White Working Class Problem

Summed up in one anecdote featuring one improbably named Hillary supporter from the WaPo:

MOOSIC, Pa., April 22-- Lackawanna County Commissioner Corey O'Brien had barely put down his box of Dunkin' Donuts when he encountered Gary Bonk. It was not a pleasant encounter.

Bonk had been driving around parts of Northeastern Pennsylvania since 5:30 a.m., dropping off Hillary Clinton signs at polling locations. This was his 27th stop, a fire station that happened to be the commissioner's home precinct. It was now 7:40. As Bonk was wheeling out of the parking lot, he spotted the cheery, gladhanding O'Brien, and the sight apparently was too much for the senses. He yelled through his open window to the rookie commissioner: "I don't know how you could have done that!" And by that, he meant support Barack Obama for president.

Bonk's rant continued, about how this county was 80 percent for Clinton, about the gall of this upstart pol defying the wishes of the people. O'Brien went over to the car and tried to calm Bonk down: "Are we going to be together after this race?" But Bonk wanted nothing of that question. "I don't know how you could make this kind of mistake," he continued. "Why did you break away? Lackawanna County is Clinton country. You slapped all of us in the face. You should have supported the hometown girl."

If this hadn't read this in the Post, I would have sworn it was fiction. I mean, "Gary Bonk"?

--Jason Zengerle