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Israel's Grotesque Spying Operation

The Israeli press is full of news about another spy, another American Jewish spy--that is, Pollard plus one--who allegedly committed espionage against the United States. It is true, this secret agent operated twenty years ago. And it may be also true that there is no other cloak-and-dagger operation yet to be revealed. Who knows? Jerusalem did more than dissemble when it assured Washington, upon the Pollard revelation, that there were no more surprises. Moreover, it joined in an at once ugly and pathetic mercy drama over the decades to secure clemency for someone who committed his crimes largely for cash--and also on behalf of Pakistan. Big Zionist idealist!

Israeli intelligence is now also reassuring itself that there will be no serious repercussions as a result of this latest but no less desolating revelation.  If this is so, it is because the United States has a deep and textured grasp of the security dilemmas that confront the Jewish state.  If this is the case it is another reason not to test America's fidelity to Israel.  And it is the case.

Moreover, it is grotesque that Israel engages American Jews as spies against their own country.  This is especially so in the wake of the recent malevolence emanating from Professors Mearsheimer and Walt and then from former President Carter more or less accusing Jews in America of double loyalty. Or of single and wrong loyalty.  That Israel should lend a single iota of fact to this libel is so tragic almost as to be comic.