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Junk At The Met

You may know by now that I think Jeff Koons, whom the Metropolitan is now showing on its roof garden, is a creator of junk.  Or, if you want me to be kind, a creator of, well, I can't do any better.  Junk.  It's just junk.

Ken Johnson, an art critic at The New York Times, found more highfalutin words for the work, "three previously unexhibited sculptures by the Pop artist..."  "Their setting aside, Mr. Koons's sculptures remain intellectually and sensuously exciting objects--'Balloon Dog' is a masterpiece--and they are worth visiting under any circumstances."

Well, read the review for yourself.

But that's not enough.  The Times site has very clear images:


"Balloon Dog (Yellow)," the reviewer says, "seems innocent but is loaded with aesthetic and erotic perversion."  Oh my!

"Coloring Book" "reflects the youth-obsessed infantilism of modern culture and society."

"Sacred Heart (Red/Gold)" "acidly comments on the commercial debasement of emotional and religious experience."

If you believe any of this you still believe in the tooth fairy.  But, in that tale, you win, maybe, a buck. With this crap Koons goes to the bank several times a year with tens of millions of dollars.