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Barack Is Bored

Just noticed this bit from today's NYT piece on Obama's efforts to go more blue-collar:

In interviews with several associates and aides, Mr. Obama was described as bored with the campaign against Mrs. Clinton and eager to move into the general election against Senator John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive Republican nominee.

I realize the Obama campaign's goal is to push the notion that this race is 100 percent over and everyone should be piling on Hillary to drop out. But is this really the message his people want to be conveying--that their candidate is bored with his primary battle?

Even if true--or rather, especially if true--the characterization risks feeding Obama's image as arrogant and dismissive of the eternally scrappy Hillary: Oh, for god's sake, this race is so tiresome. Why doesn't that infernal woman just accept that this prize is mine and step aside already so John and I can get down to business? It is also exactly the kind of remark that will get Obama bitch-slapped by a Team Hillary eternally (and shrewdly) on the lookout for perceived slights. 

And if Obama really is bored, his people are crazy to let it be known. Bored candidates get sloppy. And sloppy candidates get slaughtered.  

--Michelle Cottle