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Edwards's Moment?

It wasn't so long ago that the CW said John Edwards had missed his window to make his presidential endorsement meaningful. But now that North Carolina Governor Mike Easley has come out for Hillary Clinton, what do you think Obama would give Edwards for his endorsement? It'll have to be a lot, because according to the NYT, Edwards is reluctant to pull the trigger for anyone:

Mr. Edwards has hinted to friends that he will not offer an endorsement before the North Carolina and Indiana primaries on May 6.

One former aide said that Mr. Edwards is angling for a role in a Democratic administration, and with the contest still undecided, he is hesitant to commit to a candidate.

“He doesn’t want to pick the loser,” the aide said.

Still, it seems like he could angle for an awfully big role in an Obama administration if he came out for him now.

Update: Of course, Tyler Hansbrough's endorsement might be even more valuable to Obama than Edwards's. 

--Jason Zengerle