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Mike Easley, Moving Chicane

I concede this is about as relevant as Barack Obama's bowling performance, but it's still kind of funny. Mike Easley, whom Hillary Clinton is counting on to help her with white, rural voters in North Carolina, hasn't fared so well when he's tried to appeal to those voters through one of their favorite sports: NASCAR.

crashed it into the wallarticle

Governor Easley initiated a new legislative session in Raleigh by steering NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson's Chevrolet racecar through downtown streets to the Legislative Building. On his way, Easley began to fishtail and barely escaped from hitting both a parked Mercedes and a utility pole along the downtown streets. Even though neither car was damaged, the Governor's ego was surely bruised.

According to NBC17, Easley responded to the incidents stating, "If you wreck once you're cool. If you wreck twice you're an idiot. I'm headed toward the idiot stage."

So cheer up Obama. There are worse things than gutter balls.

--Jason Zengerle