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Heroic Liberals

Both of Michigan's U.S. Senators, both Democrats, Carl Levin and Debbie
Stabanow attended the Detroit NAACP dinner this past weekend. An old
habit, probably, and an honorable one. Senators spend much of their time
at such events. But this event honored the Reverend Jeremiah Wright,
bigoted nut-case extraordinaire.  It's true that 10,000 other people came
to honor Barack Obama's nemesis at the shindig, and that's a problem for
the entire black political class. And for Obama, especially.

I don't know much about Stabanow. Levin purports to be a brave man, at
least when it comes to George Bush and the Iraq war. But he (and Ms.
Stabanow, too) should have stood with Obama on this one and simply not come
to the NAACP fest. A decision simply not to show up would have been a
passive act, but one of relative courage. Alas, they are cowards.

Did they stand when Wright was introduced? I bet you they did, and they
applauded, too.