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Department Of Second Guessing

It's probably too late for this, but instead of going on "Meet the Press" this Sunday and subjecting himself to an hour's worth of Tim Russert's inane gotchas--kudos to TalkBacker thetraytiger for this spot-on parody--wouldn't Obama be better served by accepting Hillary's invitation to a Lincoln-Douglas-style debate?

Ignore the fact that such a debate would be far more illuminating for the voting public. Just cynically consider the advantages such a forum would give Obama. While Russert will almost certainly ask questions about Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayres and lapel pins, I'd be pretty surprised if Hillary did so; a debate without a moderator almost guarantees a debate without "freak show" questions. And if there aren't any freak show questions, that means there'll be lots of questions about policy, including this gas tax ridiculousness. I could envision Obama putting Hillary on her heels by posing his first question to her about that. 

But, instead, Obama will slog through an hour with Russert. I think voters--and the candidate--will be worse off because of it.

--Jason Zengerle