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Chuck Norris Can Kill 12 Million Immigrants Before Lunch

In general it's a good rule of thumb to never use the word "fascist" in a blog post. But there are always exceptions:

If these solutions don't stop the tides of illegal flow in and out of our borders, a friend of mine has a Texas-tough alternative and answer to replace the government's virtual fence failure. In fact, he says, we don't need a security fence at all. All we need to do is to post signs and position manned trucks at key points, just like our government does at Area 51, the top secret military airfield in remote central Nevada, around which there are no fences or walls. There is never a breach or unwanted border crossing there, at least that we hear about! And why? Because the boundary sign reads and is never questioned, "Warning: Use of deadly force authorized."

Interesting logic from Chuck here. The government is likely to prove too incompetent to control illegal immigration through ordinary means--so let's give it the authority to randomly kill people who appear to be illegal immigrants!

--Josh Patashnik