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Skip Navigation’s Week In Review

First, Reverend Wright went renegade. Dayo Olopade had predicted his meltdown far in advance, and Michelle Cottle was outraged. Noam Scheiber revealed that Obama originally joined Wright's church because it was gay-friendly and pseudo-intellectual (phrasing as overheard in the office).

Then, Obama threw Wright under the bus. Michael Crowley thought it effective, but bloodless. Noam thought it could be a Sistah Soujah moment, and called for Oprah to step in. Jonathan Chait thought Obama's denouncement characteristically tardy. Jason Zengerle wondered if it showed Obama is too human.

Noam and Eve debated Hillary's chances, with Noam arguing that it actually is possible for Hillary to win the nomination. Eve thought that was crazy talk, but Noam held firm.

David Greenberg wrote in defense of Bill Clinton, which drew a rebuttal from Chris Orr and fire from Isaac Chotiner. Mike thinks Bill and Hillary should have run as co-presidents.

And the gas tax wars! Noam thought Obama had an advantage on the issue, because it allows him to take a principled stand, tie Hillary to John McCain, and shore up his existing coalition. Jon Chait agreed, but Mike felt the argument is too subtle for most voters. Brad Plumer asked why gas tax pandering matters, and took a look at the alternatives, and Jason checked McCain's shameless approach to the issue.

--Barron YoungSmith