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The Goodliest Blog

If you want a real insider's perspective about what's happening in the North Carolina Democratic primary, you should definitely check out the Talking About Politics blog, which is written by Gary Pearce and Carter Wrenn.

Pearce is the premiere Democratic consultant in North Carolina, having worked for everyone from Jim Hunt to John Edwards; Wrenn is a Republican strategist who was Jesse Helms's Svengali for a number of years. They really know what they're talking about when it comes to North Carolina--and national--politics.

Which makes these two observations from Pearce after Saturday's raucous Jefferson-Jackson dinner particularly interesting:

Can the split be healed by November?  My guess is that it can, but only if Obama is the nominee.


One thing becomes more likely as this long war goes on: Whoever wins will pick the other as his or her running mate.

--Jason Zengerle