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Was This The End?

If her opening remarks didn't make it clear that she's not bowing out tonight, her pleas for cash--"I need your help to continue our journey"; "We can only keep winning if we're able to keep competing . . . so I hope you will go to and support our campaign"--certainly did. On to West Virginia and Kentucky (at least until tomorrow morning)!

She reiterated the gas tax holiday idea, which, at this point, almost counts as standing on principle, since it seems as if this pander actually cost her votes. And she echoed Obama's pledge to support the Democratic nominee. But, despite Hillary's brave face, you just had to look over her right shoulder at Bill and Chelsea, who alternated between looking wistful and crestfallen. At one point I'm pretty sure Bill was crying.

I don't think this speech was supposed to be Hillary's valedictory, but, despite her best efforts, it sure felt that way.

--Jason Zengerle