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Keeping Hope Alive

Opening what may prove his most challenging conference call of the campaign, Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson promises to "talk about how we go forward from here towards the nomination and victory in November."

More: Working with thin gruel, the Clinton team doesn't have much more to offer. Wins in upcoming states, seating Michigan and Florida, and, above all, convincing superdelegates that Hillary is stronger in general election swing states. The latter is pretty all that's left for them.

Also, strategist Geoff Garin insists the gas tax was a winner. He said the campaign's polling showed Hillary even with white voters when the gas tax debate started, and attributes her substantial final edge in that group to the gas fight. He was vaguer about Indiana but noted that Hillary mentioned the issue in her speech there last night, which admittedly isn't something you would likely do if you thought your argument had bombed.    

--Michael Crowley