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Lawrence Kaplan On The War

Our friend Lawrence Kaplan (whose new journal, World Affairs, comes with highest recommendations) has a fascinating interview in Der Spiegel today. He speaks candidly about the war in Iraq and its grave consequence, and, unsurprisingly, this quote has received the most attention:

So whose fault is it--the Americans' or the Iraqis'? I think both. I also think that the Iraq experience has set back the cause of idealism in American foreign policy and the willingness of Western countries to intervene for humanitarian reasons. Take Darfur: I think it's because of Iraq that nobody wants to intervene there. So on the whole the effects have been huge and overwhelmingly negative. I don't see anything good that's come from this war, I'm afraid. [emphasis added]

That's just a snippet, though. The whole piece is worth reading, and you can find it here