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The Love That Dare Not Squeak Its Name

Lest anyone think that Isabella Rossellini's foray into zoophilia for the cover image of our environmental issue was a one-time deal, check out this year's Sundance Film Festival, which features a series of short "Green Pornos" directed, written by, and starring the most genetically perfect human being on the planet (thanks to MoJo for the link).

The films feature Rossellini in insect costumes that look remarkably like my "garden fairy" outfit from hippie summer camp, saying in a deeply solemn voice things like: "I have sex several times a day. Any opportunity! Any female!" while humping a giant stuffed fly doll. In other words, they are the best thing I have ever seen, possibly in my entire life (and who says there are no good roles for female actresses these days?).

--Britt Peterson