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Lebanon: Take Two

My last posting on Lebanon was half-intuition, half-nightmare. It has already happened. By the time a Reuters dispatch was on the web, 81 people were already dead. How many corpses will there be by the time you read this? One indication that the casualty figures are unexpectedly high is that there are apparently now estimates of the wounded and the maimed.

Ha'aretz just posted an analysis by Zvi Barel, not a projection of the future but of the dying present. He reports the grim observation of a Lebanese commentator: "Those who previously demanded that Hezbolah be disarmed are now being compelled to disarmed themselves."

Lebanon is dead. It was killed by Condi Rice's righteous cease fire.

Travel advisory: Do not visit Beirut.

An alternative perhaps? Certainly not Dubai. It also has no real life, but in another way.

Lebanon is dead.