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Mccain's Nader Problem

Dana Milbank writes up Bob Barr's presidential campaign announcement today. Looks like the former impeachment manager and Georgia Rep. will seek the Libertarian Party nomination.

First Read speculates that it could turn Georgia into a battleground state. I guess that's the most likely place you'd see an impact. Though, depending on how much money and attention Barr receives, he could also hurt McCain among western libertarian types in Colorado and Nevada.

Update: Frank Foer pokes his head in my door with this deal-sweetening thought: Doesn't this bolster the case for picking former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn as a running mate? Nunn was already on a lot of short lists because of his national security bona fides and his southern, white man cred. Now, with Barr in the race, and an overwhelming black vote likely, Nunn conceivably brings a state along with him.

--Noam Scheiber