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West Virginians Vindicate John Judis

Two more tidbits from the West Virginia exit polls:

1.) Even in a state Hillary is going to win by 40 points--a state where she's doing very well among groups that generally favor Obama (like college grads and younger voters), where many more people thought she was honest and shared their values than thought so of Obama, and where 70 percent of voters said the campaign should continue--a lot more people thought Hillary attacked Obama unfairly (59 percent) than vice versa (50 percent). That's pretty surprising to me. Could it be the fallout from the "white Americans" comment? A reflection of the Judis thesis (actually, the Tali Mendelberg thesis) that very few people--even people queasy about voting for a black candidate--respond well to explicit racial appeals?

2.) Hillary won 68 percent of people who made their decision before the last month and 63 percent of people who decided during the last month, but only 50 percent of people who decided today. (It's worth noting that Obama only got 27 percent of that last group.) That suggests to me that West Virginians may like Hillary quite a bit, but a lot of them think this race is over.

--Noam Scheiber