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A Final Dagger Through The Unity Ticket Idea

Dick Morris makes a smart point in between excretions of venom:

There are two kinds of people who backed Hillary in the primaries: her original supporters and those who joined her later in the game. Her original backers are all solid Democrats whose arms would fall off before they would back anyone who is pro-life. They are true believers, feminists, pro-choice advocates, older party loyalists who would prefer Hillary, may have doubts about Obama, but will always fall in line and vote Democratic. The more recent converts are people who are turned off by Obama's connection to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and who worry that he might be a closet black radical. Their latent racial fears were heightened by the revelations about Obama's links with Wright, and they voted for Hillary as the lesser of two evils. Putting Mrs. Clinton on the ticket will do nothing to assuage these fears. One wonders if these blue-collar, downscale, racially motivated voters would actually support Hillary against John McCain if she were to win the nomination. They certainly wouldn't follow her into Obama's camp just because she was on the ticket.

For those who are interested, Mark Schmitt and I chewed over the unity ticket idea in a Bloggingheads discussion we had yesterday. Mark recently wrote an entry for The Plank on the subject, and I weighed in with this item yesterday.

We also waded into the McCain unmoderated debate proposal, Obama and race, Mike's Hillary-impeachment piece, and an interesting post by Matt Stoller about Obama's consolidation of power within the Democratic Party.

--Noam Scheiber